Inbound Call Center Services: Enhancing Customer Experience and Loyalty

Be available for all your customers 24×7 with our inbound call center services. Outsource your voice process, live chat, help desk support to us and boost your CX and CSAT score. Check out our services and connect with us to know more about how to get started.

Customer Service

Unlock the full potential of your brand with our inbound voice process. Drop in your query to know more about our outsourcing services.

Live Chat Support

Elevate your customer support with our top-notch live chat outsourcing services. Check out our pricing packages and make the switch towards our exemplary CX.

Answering Services

Don’t miss a single call. Outsource your answering services to SupportSave and leverage our teams core competencies and proven best practices with 24×7 availability.

Help Desk Support

Offer seamless help desk support to your customers. Outsource your help desk to us and get expert solutions for all your technical problems. Get in touch now!

Order Processing

 Add value to your business with streamlined order processing with our expert services. With us, you can keep your store open 24×7.

What Can Inbound Call Center Do for Your Brand?

Our inbound call center services let’s you be available for your customers 24×7, be it over telephone call, live chat, or email. With us, you get:

Improved customer service:

We provide exceptional customer service by handling customer inquiries, complaints, and issues efficiently.

Increased CSAT:

Our skilled agents can enhance CSAT and loyalty with better customer service quality.


Scale up or down as per your business needs and ensure the right number of agents.

Why Choose SupportSave?

Customizable Packages

Take control of your customer support with our customized packages. You can buy our call center services for as low as one FTE.

Dedicated Agents

From resolving issues to providing helpful advice and support, our highly trained agents provide the best possible experience for every caller.
Customer Service inbound


Get a cost-effective solution for your customer support needs with our budget-friendly US-based call center services.

24x7 Support

We are always available for you as well as your customers. We even assign you a project manager who can pull up reports periodically.

Industries that Benefit from Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

SupportSave offers personalized call center services outsourcing for small & medium businesses. Our multi-channel services span across multiple industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, telecom, utility, BFSI, etc. Given the kind of services we offer, having a live voice and chat support representative to manage your inbound calls can be the deciding factor on your performance as a brand and whether you are able to retain loyal customers or not. If your in-house employees can’t be available every hour of every day due to any shortcomings, we can.

Ecommerce & Retail

Boost your CX with our e-commerce and retail call center services. Our agents are trained to provide quick support for your customers, boosting CSAT.


Reduce operational costs and get access to experience and expertise, and build a startup brand that revolves around high CX and revenue. 


We offer call center services for startups and medium-sized enterprises. Our expert services in inbound processes ensure that your customer retention is at an all-time high.

Check Our Pricing Plans

Dedicated Customer Service Agents For A True Branded Experience

1-3 FTEs

(Min 40 Hours / Week)


$ 12

Per Agent / Hours

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Shared Client Manager
  • Reporting & Monitoring
  • Month to Month Billing Cycle
  • Cancel Anytime
  • One Time Onboarding Fee- 500 USD
  • Multichannel Support

4+ FTEs

(Min 40 Hours / Week)


$ 11

Per Agent / Hours

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Shared Client Manager
  • Reporting & Monitoring
  • Month to Month Billing Cycle
  • Cancel Anytime
  • One Time Onboarding Fee- 500 USD
  • Multichannel Support

Do You Have Questions?

What is an inbound call center, and what services does it provide?

In an inbound call center, the agents receive incoming phone calls from customers and prospects for various purposes, be it making inquiring, registering complaints, or simply requesting support. Inbound call centers can provide a wide range of services to businesses, including:

• Customer support
• Sales and lead generation
• Technical support
• Answering services
• Order processing
• Help desk support

How does an inbound call center differ from an outbound call center?

An inbound call center is where agents receive incoming phone calls from customers and prospects on behalf of a business. The agents are responsible for answering customer queries, resolving issues and provide assistance as required. On the other hand, an outbound call center is where agents make outgoing calls to customers and prospects to sell products or services, conduct surveys, or provide support. In outbound, the agents initiate conversation and are responsible for maintaining a high level of engagement with customer, meeting sales target, and gathering information or feedback.

Check out our outbound and inbound call center services to know more!

What is the process for getting started with the inbound call center's services?

We at SupportSave, make your call center services seamless. All you need to do is:

• Check out our packages.
• Share your requirements.
• We will design quote and contact you.

We’ll get you started in a jiffy.

Is there a minimum or maximum call volume requirement to use the inbound call center's services?

No, with SupportSave, you don’t have any minimum or maximum call volume requirements. You can start from as low as 1 FTE and pay per agent per hour.

What types of businesses can benefit from using an inbound call center?

Businesses from every industry can use an inbound call center to manage customer interactions. We offer our services for the following industries and beyond:

• E-commerce businesses
• Healthcare providers
• Financial institutions
• Hospitality businesses
• Retail sector
Telecommunications providers

Customer Service inbound