Driving Growth Across Industries: Our Specialized Offerings

Our contact center offers highly personalized outsourcing services to Our clients across different industries, including e-commerce, startups and SMEs. Having said that, we have representatives to provide a wide variety of support services, such as, live chat, live voice, telemarketing, help desk support, order processing, and more.


Our customer service agents can help you to provide effective customer support, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Our customer support services for startup businesses reduce operational costs and open the door to endless expertise and enhanced customer experience.


Our call center services for small and medium-sized enterprises ensure that your customer retention rate is always at its peak.

What We Can Do for Your Brand?

Our services are available for you 24*7 over any mode of contact – be it live chat, email, or phone call. With us, you will be able to –

Support Several Business Processes

We extend our support for several businesses in a wide range, including but not limited to legal, IT, and public relations.

Improve Efficiency

Our customer support will give your company a competitive edge as you will get access to resources.

Lower Labor Cost

Hiring our services will let you reduce hiring and training costs which is always more cost-effective than hiring dedicated companies.

Enhance Scalability

You can scale up or down according to your business requirement and hire the right number of agents.

Improve Customer Service

Get exceptional customer service from us as we take care of your customer inquiries, issues and complaints effectively.

Why Should You partner with SupportSave?

Customized package

We take care of your customer support with customized packages. Therefore, you can buy the services from us at a reasonable price.


Our customer support solutions are quite cost-effective and budget-friendly; you can buy them for your US-based business.
Customer Service inbound

Dedicated agents

From critical issue solving to helpful support, we provide dedicated agents for your business to support your customers.

24*7 support

We are always available for you and your customer. For any requirement, we are just one call away at any time.

Our Services

We proudly offer contact center services outsourcing for medium and small-scale businesses. We have provide multi-channel services across different industries including telecom, utility, e-commerce, BFSI, etc. As a part of our services offerings, we provide live chat, voice chat, telemarketing, and more.

Customer Service

Create a positive brand image, retain existing customers and attract new ones with our well-trained and equipped customer support.

Live Chat Support

Retain more customers, reduce AWT and bring in new ones with our live chat support. Our chat support team responds fast to customer queries, ensuring a positive impact.

Answering Services

Answer customer queries correctly and on time. Our efficient answering service team makes contacting your business easy for your customers.

Help Desk Support

Resolve your customers’ technical problems with our helpdesk support team. Outsource your help desk support to us and improve your CSAT.

Order Processing

Streamline your order processing operations with our order processing support to keep the customers happy and satisfied.


Maximize growth for your company by outsourcing your telemarketing efforts, that drive sales and improve customer relationship.

Check Our Pricing Plans

Dedicated Customer Service Agents For A True Branded Experience

1-3 FTEs

(Min 40 Hours / Week)


$ 12

Per Agent / Hours

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Shared Client Manager
  • Reporting & Monitoring
  • Month to Month Billing Cycle
  • Cancel Anytime
  • One Time Onboarding Fee- 500 USD
  • Multichannel Support

4+ FTEs

(Min 40 Hours / Week)


$ 11

Per Agent / Hours

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Shared Client Manager
  • Reporting & Monitoring
  • Month to Month Billing Cycle
  • Cancel Anytime
  • One Time Onboarding Fee- 500 USD
  • Multichannel Support

Do You Have Questions?

Why do I need customer support for SMEs, e-commerce, and startups?

Customer support is not only about customer retention but also one of the most effective ways to increase sales. Considering the new horizon of business evolution, there are endless opportunities for upsell and cross-sell. This is the place where our efficient customer support can help your business.

What services do you provide to retail and ecommerce clients?

We have extensive support to small to medium-sized businesses, inclusive of SME, e-commerce and startups. Our services are flexible, and reasonably priced, depending on the industry, target audience and business goals. If you want more information, contact us.

Is there any minimum or maximum seat requirements?

We provide support for any seat requirement that our client proposes to us. In addition, we provide support to the minimum seat requirement of one.

I need a scalable team. How can your company help?

We work with our clients to learn, research, and uphold their successful sales processes and methods. We provide dedicated telesales agents who are specially trained to overcome any odds between clients and their prospects. In addition, we stay in touch with our potential and existing clients at each sale cycle segment to improve their productivity and profits.