Outsourcing eCommerce customer support to a BPO company can be a strategic decision for startups looking to improve their customer service and reduce costs. BPO companies offer a pool of agents who are skilled at handling different customer needs and easily adapt to the unique requirements of your eCommerce business.

However, there is often a genuine concern that most e-commerce startups have with regard to handling customer communications effectively – financial restraints. Budget restraints can be a major challenge for eCommerce startups, especially in their early growth stages. As a result, they need to manage their finances carefully to ensure they have enough capital to fund operations, marketing campaigns, and, most importantly, customer service.

And that’s where we, SupportSave, come into the picture. We boast of exceptional CX for small businesses with our low FTE packages. But keeping that aside, let’s discuss everything new brands should know more about outsourcing BPO services for eCommerce.

3 Steps to Outsourcing eCommerce BPO Company with SupportSave

As a startup brand, it is important to keep the cost down to the maximum extent with complete utilization of resources. With SupportSave, you can keep the cost to a minimum since we don’t have any criteria for the number of FTE you need.

Here’s how we fit the requirement for new eCommerce startups:

  • No minimum FTE: You can get going with your inbound and outbound call center services with as low as one FTE and chances to scale up as you grow.
  • Low prices: Our pricing packages are nominal, and we charge per agent per hour, so you pay only for what you use.
  • Dedicated agents: We even set up your call center services with dedicated agents. This means the agents that work on your customer communications have their full focus on adapting to your brand voice.

Now, let’s check out the three main steps to building your eCommerce customer service with us:

  1. Determining your requirements
  2. Training our agents with your brand voice
  3. Implementing the right tools for your process

What We Take Consider while Hiring Agents

Since we have long years of experience in the BPO industry, we understand every nitty-gritty detail about customer interactions, industry standards, and non-intrusive communications. So, we take everything into consideration before hiring agents.

Here are the considerations we stick to at the time of hiring agents for our eCommerce call center:

  • Empathetic

    Empathy is an indispensable emotion that customer support agents should have while addressing queries and issues. We understand that customers are impatient and frustrated when they connect with CX agents, so we hire experienced agents.

  • Problem-solving Creativity

    Not every customer will be the same; neither will their problems. The agents that we onboard for your eCommerce customer support can handle different situations creatively and will maximum precision.

  • Clear Communication

    Communication is the key to customer service, whether on-call support or live chat. Therefore, our agent screening process is quite in-depth so as to ensure that all the agents working on our clients’ processes can exchange information and offer support that’s easy to understand and execute.

  • Multi-tasking Capabilities

    Customer support agents should be able to multi-task. For example, they would need to address the customer while noting down their issues and pulling out the best answers from a knowledge base. So, we make multi-tasking an important consideration during our agent recruitment drive for our client’s processes.

  • Cool-headed

    Facing agitated and frustrated customers is in the job description. The agents need to have a calm and cool attitude to deal with tricky situations and pressure. Our agents are capable of working in such situations without succumbing to pressure.

Let’s Get Started with Your CX Boost

SupportSave is your go-to outsourcing partner for all your eCommerce BPO services. Plus, we have made our client onboarding process very simple and quick. All you would need to do is drop in your query on our website, and our sales representative will connect with you shortly.

That’s all you need to outsource your eCommerce customer communication to the best US-based call center services.